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who we are

KZ1 is a company for those of us who dare to challenge ourselves and the status quo.  We own up to our mistakes.  We take charge of our health.  We are committed to self-improvement.  We choose to go out and help others each and every day.  Our dreams are infinite.

When we were children most of us had infinite dreams.  We either wanted to become a princess, astronaut, doctor, President, Superman, singer, model, professional athlete, etc., etc.  But as we grew older, our parents, our peers, our community told us to "get realistic"--"do your homework, go get a job".  Most of us were beat down and led to believe that we are indeed small.  We learn to live comfortably in a tiny shell and life gives us exactly what we hope for.

KZ1 distributors are mainly comprised of spirited people who (1) have made the bold decision to try to break out of that shell or, (2) have already broken the shell and have made it their passion to help others do the same.  Their community calls them "crazy".  Steve Jobs articulated this well in Apple's 1997 television commercial "Crazy Ones"--possibly the most electrifying commercial ever made.

KZ1 serves customers who learn about our products via a highly motivated multi-level network of distributors. 

Our distributors have three characteristics:  (1) they love our products, (2) they are eager to spread the word, and (3) they want to earn money in-so-doing.  They are committed to helping others and achieving success.

Truly successful business persons have a few things in common. They can repeat their success at different times, under different circumstances.  They do not chase money.  They focus on improving their skills and adding value to society at large.  Money is one of the many by-products of their momentous endeavors.  

Conversely, less successful persons have a tendency to be focused on themselves, their plight, and money.  They rarely aspire to add value to society.  They think small.


KZ1 has a diverse group of experienced thought leaders spanning 'The Greatest Generation', the 'Baby Boomers', 'Generation X' and the 'Millennial Generation'.

The KZ1 Management Team is committed to changing lives, one person at a time, as they inspire people to begin their journey toward optimal health and financial security. All this through a solid, product based, home based business opportunity.

robert kelley

Chief Executive Officer

michael seymour

President & CFO

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General Manager of
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judy wong

General Manager of
Hong Kong & Macau

david jackson

General Manager of
Malaysia & Singapore

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ben pollock


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